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    1. Performance Duration

      1. Minimum of three (3) minutes and a maximum of seven (7) minutes in length. Timing of the performance begins with the first sound and/or movement and concludes with the last sound and/or movement.

      2. Schools that exceed the seven-minute time limit will be penalised. Items exceeding seven (7) minutes and 30 seconds will not be accepted.

    2. Basic Numbers

      1. There is no min or max student number

      2. Maximum of 3 entries per school

    3. Student ages

      1. Primary division: Primary school students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

      2. Secondary division: Secondary school students from Year 7 to Year 12.

      3. Dance division: Dance schools and community groups. Students must fall within the age range of 8 – 24.

    4. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories

      1. Wakakirri requires schools to consult and collaborate with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and take special consideration when interpreting First Nations stories. The portrayal of First Nations individuals or images must be with respect and regard for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, including students, staff and audience members. Consider positionality when selecting who portrays a First Nations person in the story dance. 

    5. Story Content Rating

      1. Must be rated no higher than PG.

      2. Wakakirri reserves the right to ban any performances deemed to have unsafe, racist, or culturally inappropriate elements.

    6. Student Representatives​

      1. At the conclusion of the Story-Dance video, 2 student representatives must be filmed answering the following questions.  

      2. Limit each answer to maximum 40 seconds.

        1. a) What is the message of your story-dance?

        2. b) What initiatives has your school taken to create your performance? (For example any school projects, community building or engagement,  fundraising efforts, or other behind-the-scenes activities).


    1. Editing and special effects should enhance the telling of the story (not tell the story), be well utilised and not be gratuitous.

    2. Filming location can be at school or off-site and filming locations change throughout the performance.

    3. Multiple camera shots are permissible. You can film your story-dance as separate clips and edit the clips together

    4. Special editing effects can be used to enhance the delivery of the story.

    5. No editing or specific camera skills, or expensive equipment are required for filming your Story-Dance, (though they are permissible).


    1. Soundtracks used by must be rated no higher than PG.

    2. If you wish to use a song from an existing musical with the same visual and dramatic representation (e.g. characters, costumes, choreography, storyline), permission must be sought from the owner of the musical.


    1. The option to include live singing is permitted


    1. All schools must follow the Safe Dance Practices guidelines according to their State or Territory education department.


    1. No images of any kind can be used unless they are ORIGINAL (i.e created by students for Wakakirri), royalty free or permission has been granted by the owner of those images.  This includes still and moving images for projection as well as any designs replicated for use on sets, props, or costumes.

    2. It is up to each school to seek permission to use copyrighted images to gain this approval and to forward a copy of this approval to the Wakakirri National Office.  Schools must retain a record at the school.

    3. Wakakirri has the right to refuse video entries should they breach rule 6.1


    1. Schools must NOT use corporate symbols, logos or names. Schools must obtain permission from corporations before using their symbols/logos or name.  It is up to each school to seek and gain this approval, forward a copy of this approval to the Wakakirri National Office and retain a record at the school

    2. Wakakirri has the right to refuse video entries should they breach rule 7.1

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