Wakakirri Teachers Facebook Group

Wakakirri Careers Day Panel 2018

Join us on Facebook to receive insider knowledge and suggestions on how to create a successful Wakakirri Story Dance! Watch tutorials with interviews from Principals, teachers and Wakakirri staff and hear how they make the program work in their schools. Receive information on choosing a story, sets, props & costumes, lighting & sound as well as different ways to run rehearsals.

Ask questions and receive answers from Wakakirri HQ professionals, as well as a network of Wakakirri teachers and choreographers Nation Wide! Join any time and become part of the National Wakakirri network of passionate teachers and creatives.

How to get involved?

Click this link and complete the 3 questions to join the group.  It’s free to be involved and you will receive our Wakakirri Best Practice Document to help you plan and create your successful Wakakirri story dance. Tutorials released in Term 1 and Term 2 – with more planned!

  • Choosing your story
  • Sets props and costumes
  • Sound & lighting
  • Running rehearsals