Waka In DA House

What is Waka In DA House?

Feeling isolated because of COVID-19? Need a Wakakirri fix? We have a solution! Wakakirri HQ has created a new activity for these coronavirus times called Waka In DA House! It is like a Wakakirri story made in a zoom meeting! 

We have created a script with music and dance tutorials to go with it and we are looking for schools to make it come to life. So get involved! It’s free and fun and a great way to connect with your classmates!

Waka In DA House has been designed to be a fun, easy to organise performing arts activity that students can complete online.

Registrations are open

Click here to register. Upon submitting your registration you will receive access to everything you need to get your entry up and running.

Important Dates

  • 4th September – Registrations close
  • 7th September – Submission form opens
  • 16th October – Video upload due

Here’s how it works,

  1. Wakakirri will provide you with
    • Script (titled House Party)
    • Royalty free music
    • Choreographed dance moves
    • Instructions and tutorials
  2. Use Zoom (or a similar conferencing app) to bring your team together, allocated parts and begin rehearsals
  3. Use Zoom to perform and record each scene in the script and edit using iMovie (or a similar editing app).
  4. Upload your finished movie to our Dropbox folder

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cost to enter? Schools can participate in Waka In DA House for FREE.
  • Can we use the music elsewhere?  No, the music can only be used in a Waka In DA House entry.
  • Do we have to follow the script or can we change stuff? You can follow the script to the letter or mix it up as much as you want. You can add extra lines, characters or scenes! Every school is doing the same script so we would love to see creative interpretations!
  • Do we have to use the dance moves and music provided? No. You can absolutely use your own music and dance moves BUT the music must be royalty free which means you either own it or you have permission from the owner to use it.
  • How many students can be in it? Can a school enter more than once? We have found the script works best with about 6-12 students. If you have too many students involved their individual ‘Zoom box’ gets too small on the computer screen and the story becomes harder to follow. Up to 3 entries per school will be accepted.
  • Can Waka In DA House be filmed live at school? Do you have to use Zoom? We created our sample on Zoom but you can use any conferencing app that you like. Alternatively, you could even film your scenes live at school and edit them together.
  • How long should our finished video be? There is no time limit but try and keep your finished film around the 10 minute mark as that works better for social media
  • Where will our films be displayed? Are there Prizes? All schools Story-Dances will be posted on the Wakakirri YouTube page for everyone to view. Waka In DA House is a Festival, not a competition.

Sample Entry