Chris Presland – President, NSW Secondary Principals’ Council

“Wakakirri is a unique and exciting way for students to engage in the performing arts.  That’s important, but even more so is the opportunity for the students to become deeply involved in a social issue of importance to them, and to work in a team to bring that issue to life through the vehicle of the stage.  It is inspiring to see how well they do that!”

Marsden High School NSW, Rachel Bugeja – Teacher

“We had a great time on Tuesday night, our school community had rave reviews and most of all the students enjoyed it so much that they are begging to do it again next year.  Marsden’s Principal and Deputy also attended and commented on how exceptional the night was. We thank you so much for putting together such a great event for our students to be involved in and we hope to be apart of it again in the future”

Xavier College Kostka Hall VIC, Laura Roso – Teacher

“The boys have been on cloud nine since Monday. They absolutely loved the performance opportunity and the whole day at Frankston Arts Centre.  I cannot thank the Wakakirri staff and crew enough for this fabulous experience for our students. We have received so many parent emails saying what a fabulous event this is.  Thanks for all your help and support”

Rosebud Secondary College VIC, Brea Low – Teacher

“Thanks again for another amazing opportunity to perform last night. Our students once again amazed me and I was so touched by their performance. So lovely to hear such positive feedback from the judges. I just wanted to recognise the effort you have put into this event. Its so worthwhile when you see the kids on such a high. We had students in tears last night – they are just so passionate”

Northmead Creative and Performing Arts High School NSW, Warren Flanagan – Teacher

“Wakakirri is something that’s caught on fire. It’s created a sense of belonging, not just within grades but across the school. It’s one of the best things to happen here”

Traralgon College VIC, Toni Callander

“Many thanks for all that you and your team do to make this event such a wonderful expereince for our students. Without Wakakirri, our students especially, would not have the opportunities to create, make and present a performance of this scale.”

Pascoe Vale Girls College VIC, Sharon Davey

“It was an amazing day and night, very well run and lots of fun. Great spirit of friendship and a valuable event for students. There are so many sporting events for Secondary School children but not all children are interested in sports so Wakakirri is a fantastic way to offer those students that something special.”

Hoppers Crossing Secondary College VIC, Zowie.

“Thank you for giving my students a chance to experience Wakakirri. They had a chance to perform, dance, sing, find talents they didn’t know they had, build friendships, laugh, find confidence, understand that work equals success, get to know teachers outside of the classroom, represent our school and show school values (Respect, Responsibility, Strong Work Ethic and Cooperation.)  Wakakirri has done amazing for School spirit at Hoppers with many teachers coming to the finals to support their students.”

Kingswood High School NSW, Belinda Douglass

“Thank you for all your help and support over the last couple of weeks. You guys were awesome and we would also like to thank you for just being there and supporting everyone”

Gisbourne Secondary College VIC, Natasha Nielson

“I would like to thank you and the whole team for your magnificent efforts last night. The venue was absolutely fantastic, so comfortable and lovely for the audience and participants alike. Your staff were mature, professional, kind, positive and made the students (and teachers) feel welcome and wanted (even when we were losing the plot!). The judges were sincere in their enthusiasm and extremely professional. The VIP event made the students feel special and it was so lovely to have the judges take the time to speak with them and really look at their work. The concept for Wakakirri worked perfectly, with each student heading home happy, tired, excited and most of all with more pride and confidence in themselves than before they before they walked in. This is the reason I do this work and it is clear that it is your motivation also”

 Reservoir High VIC, Ian Wilson

“I would like to pass on to You and your team my congratulations on a wonderful event in Melbourne last Thursday evening. Having been involved with Rocka for many years it was a pleasant surprise to see how well the students mixed and how positive they were. The staging rule for 3 minutes on and a minute off was great the show flowed but still allowed enough time for the audience to get to know the schools. Your Compare was very good and the judges’ comments clear, to the point and very appropriate. Thank you for the invitation to attend I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.”

Warrnambool Secondary College VIC, Anne Jane

“We would like to express our sincere thanks for a wonderful evening of entertainment that was so professionally facilitated by you and your Wakakirri team.  You and your team’s approach and manner with all teams was second to none.  It was professional, inclusive and friendly.  You made us feel important, but at the same time at ease.  Thanks again and we look forward to further involvement in years to come.”