St Mary Magdalen’s Parish Primary School VIC, Dr Helen Healy – Principal

“I could almost burst with pride in our students. They gave their best! We have lots of responses from the kids. All round it was a very positive experience. One saying that it was the best 14 minutes of her life!”

Grange Primary School SA, Alex Narcys – Teacher

“The Artist in Residence Program supports schools to make the Wakakirri dream happen. Grange Primary School were delighted with the outcome and it has lead to our continued commitment to Wakakirri in 2017.  I would encourage other schools and sites to make the most of this opportunity. Chookas!!”

St Mary Magdalen’s Parish Primary School VIC, – Parent

“My thanks to all of the Wakakirri staff. The organisation was superb and the productions from all of the schools were totally respected. Very rich learning for all of the students. The organisation in the lead up was also great, thanks to you and your team”

Blue Mountains Grammar School NSW, Russell Tredinnick – Teacher

“On behalf of Blue Mountains Grammar School, I write to thank you all for once again providing such a rich learning opportunity for the children of my School this year. We have all gained much from the experience and appreciate the calm, clear communication and the chance for my children to express themselves in such a way. Your work is appreciated and valued.  Thank you”

Enoggera State School QLD, Melissa Wilcox – Teacher

“Thank you so much for our wonderful experience at Wakakirri. As a new school and feeling a little overwhelmed with having no prior experience with your processes, you really put us all at ease and made us feel accepted and welcomed. We were very proud of our students efforts to stand tall and embrace the wonderful experience. So, thank you for providing this excellent opportunity for learning. We truly believe in your cause and are so glad we could play a small part in it. The children are all the more richer for the experience!”

Camdenville Public School NSW, Alysia Rickman – Teacher

“We received so much positive feedback from parents, which was great. They are all still on such a high.  What a fantastic, fun experience for them”

Torrens Primary School ACT, Ms Mueller – Parent

“For our daughter, the opportunity to perform in Wakakirri has been nothing short of life-changing. It has awakened in her a passion not only for performing but also a deep sense of the power of participation and commitment to her school community.As parents, we also have gained so much from our Wakakirri experience. It is a constant talking point among the parents and carers of the Years 4s and 5s. It builds community among the families and we feel very proud of Torrens’ commitment to such a wonderful performing arts opportunity for our children”

Hazel Glen College VIC, Michelle Sanders – Teacher

“Hazel Glen college has gone absolutely Waka Crazy. Each and every one of the students involved have not stopped talking about the whole experience. Students, parents and teachers were so impressed with how professional all the Wakakirri performances were, how they had their ‘minds blown’ with the impact such an event has had on their children.  Once again thank you for making this experience such a memorable one, it has gone down in our VERY short history as a massive accomplishment”

Our Lady of the Assumption Primary School VIC, Caitlan Prosser – Teacher

“Just wanted to say a big thank you from OLA. The kids were so excited and I think it helped the idea sink in that Wakakirri is bigger than just us. They were on such a high for the rest of the day!”

Mascot Public School NSW, Helen Empacher – Teacher

“Wakakirri 2015 has been a huge hit in our school because it gave our students an additional opportunity to be creative and to perform in front of an unfamiliar audience. The teacher who coordinated the program for us is a seasoned performer herself so she thrived on the energy that our students brought with them to an activity that she so obviously enjoys herself. Our Wakakirri choreographer was a perfect fit for our school, working very strongly alongside our teacher and students to bring our story alive. What will stay with me forever though is a comment from the host of our show who recollected her own Wakakirri experiences as a child and how it ignited in her a love of performing which she turned into a career. Who knows what potential is hidden inside our students? Wakakirri gives us a chance to discover even just a little bit of it.”

Aberfoyle Hub R-7 School SA, Amanda Badcock – Teacher

“Thank you for all of your hard work and everything that you do behind the scenes to get this competition rolling. The SA staff were amazing and so very helpful. A credit to your organisation. As were the people who were constantly helping me with requests or questions via phone in head office.”

Serpell Primary School VIC, Dan Smith – Teacher

“On top of the world…would be our school’s feeling today.”

 St George Preca school VIC, Kim Staples – Teacher

“As a new school to Wakakirri, the principal, teachers, students and parents were all absolutely blown away at how fantastic the whole Wakakirri experience was for everyone involved. We have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from parents, and the students with the biggest smiles on their faces didn’t stop talking about Wakakirri all day!  The kids loved watching the other schools rehearse and were very impressed with all the  performances.  They enjoyed making new friends with children from the other schools and were keen to tell their teachers and friends back at school about all of the amazing stories they watched.”

Bellbridge Primary School VIC, Genovieve Fuser – Teacher

“My team and students had a blast on Friday! It was an excellent day and we just want to thank you for all your support throughout this journey. Can’t wait to do this all over again next year.”

Saint Mary MacKillop Primary School VIC, Sarah Cornish – Teacher

“What a marvellous weekend the staff, students, parents and community of Saint Mary MacKillop PS had. Thank you for supporting me and my school throughout our first Wakakirri experience. I can honestly say it’s been a fantastic journey, one that the students and I will remember for years to come.   Chookas to you and your fabulous crew for all the hard work you have put into this season.”

Carolyn and Ian, – NSW Parents

“Our daughter took part in the Wakakirri shows at Kensington and Sydney Olympic Park with her friends.  We wanted to let you know how much she enjoyed the experience and the fun we had watching the two shows – they were really fantastic.  A big thank you to your organisation and please pass on our appreciation to your sponsors for supporting the Wakakirri programme.”

Pearcedale Primary School VIC, Katie Davies – Teacher

“Thank you for another fun filled Wakakirri year!!  What an amazing experience for the students to be able to perform at Hamer Hall! We were thrilled with 2nd place – so exciting!! I can’t wait to find out the signature item for 2014 to see if it inspires our next story!”

Kartwheel Kids QLD, Rhonda Pacholke – Teacher

“On behalf of the entire Kartwheel Kids 2013 Wakakirri Team, I would like to present you with this certificate of our appreciation for allowing us to be a part of this incredible journey each year.  Until next year….”.