Canterbury College

Region: QLD Brisbane | Year: 2019 |

Teachers Name: Janet Wyvil, Ashlee Smale, Taryn Hirst, Ameilia Bowers, Neelam Naidu

We Can Make a Change

In a world where the environment is depleting rapidly, students learn how one person can spark a movement.

“Clear and clever piece” James Lee

Canterbury College

Region: QLD Brisbane | Year: 2019 | Division: 2

Teachers Name: Rhiannon Ottrey, Taryn Hirst, Janet Wyvill

The Power Within

How do we take control and decide which emotion dominates? When Paris experiences a conflict at school, she realises she knew all along: she has the power to choose!

“Wonderful ensemble work” James Lee

Canterbury College

Region: QLD, QLD Brisbane | Year: 2014 | Division: Qld Brisbane

Teachers Name: Emily Nolde

Adventure Through the Magic Faraway Tree

An adventure in the name of friendship! Silky the fairy has been taken by not so nice characters from the tree. Watch as her friends Jo, Beth and Saucepan Man find their way through lands and show how important their friendship is.


  • Combination of Dance and Drama
  • Concept
  • Set Change
  • Soundtrack

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