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  • If you are a Principal, teacher, parent or a student and you want your school to get involved this year or next year simply fill in the form below and we will send you with further information with all the options.
  • Wakakirri is for EVERY and ANY school in Australia. There are separate events for Primary and Secondary schools.
  • Getting your school involved in Wakakirri is easy. Schools can simply create their own work or use the Wakakirri Best Start Program if they feel they need help.
  • Wakakirri has loads of ‘do it yourself’ online tutorials, Facebook Forum for teachers and accredited Specialist teachers who are just a phone call away and are ready to guide you all the way.  Alternatively you may want to use a Wakakirri Best Start Program who can come to your school for 10-12 weeks if your teachers are time poor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wakakirri?

  • Wakakirri is Australia’s Largest Performing Arts Event for Schools with separate events for Primary and Secondary schools.
  • Each year schools across Australia create Story Dances for Wakakirri that reflect student’s thoughts, ideas and aspirations. These stories are performed in professional theatres in front of the official ‘Wakakirri Panel’ who are searching for ‘Story of the Year’.
  • Emphasis in Wakakirri is on participation and creativity not expensive and extravagant productions. An emphasis is also placed on creative movement and drama not on technical dance meaning every student can participate.
  • Wakakirri encourages schools to minimise their footprint when creating props and costumes for their performance and offers special awards for schools that excel in this area.
  • Established in 1992, Wakakirri is Australia’s largest Performing Arts Event for schools, involving over 20,000 students across every State and Territory. Over 1 million people watch Wakakirri performances live, online or via Wakakirri TV each year. Find out more

What is a Story Dance?

  • A Wakakirri Story Dance is a 3-7 minute performance by a group of students who theatrically tell a story using a combination of dancing, creative movement and acting to pre-recorded music.
  • Schools can tell any story and use any combination of dance, acting, music, sets, props and costumes.
  • The possibilities are endless! You’re invited to incorporate the annual signature item into your story for an extra challenge.

Primary School Challenge
Secondary School Challenge
National Screen Challenge

“On top of the world…would be our school’s feeling today.”

How can Wakakirri save teachers time?

  • Schools have the option of creating their own story dance or if your teachers are time poor they can use the Wakakirri Best Start Program (BSP). The Wakakirri BSP is designed for both new and experienced schools and enlists a Wakakirri specialist to come to your school and either take complete control of your Wakakirri production or assist your existing team. Tailored to your needs, a typical BSP program runs for 12 weeks mid year and can be offered as an incursion with a group of students or as a parent opt-in at lunchtime or before/after school.

“We loved Wakakirri but our teachers simply became too busy. The Wakakirri BSP was the perfect solution. We could still be involved but someone else was in charge. We got the same result but without the stress! Thanks!”

  • Wakakirri requires less time out of school for your teachers and students. Wakakirri only requires 1 full day away from school. If your school is successful then a 2nd optional day will be added.
  • Your Wakakirri Story Dance can also be performed in dance festivals and end of year concerts.

How long Does it take? When and where do we perform?

  • Typically schools rehearse for 12-14 weeks starting in term 2. Wakakirri performance days are in term 3.
  • Your school will be required from approx. 12pm to 9.30pm for one day.
  • In some areas your school may be invited to perform a second time at Awards night. Wakakirri takes place in most Capital cities and several regional areas around Australia. Click for all dates and venues.

Achieve curriculum outcomes and engage community?

  • Our research shows that via the process of creating and performing a Wakakirri story students develop confidence in expressing themselves, self esteem, teamwork and a sense of community.
  • Through such participation children experience the freedom, intense satisfaction and sense of achievement which comes from knowing that one can create something significant.
  • Wakakirri schools often tell stories that are important to their local community and generate a lot of community interest. Participation in Wakakirri creates a multitude of opportunities to build parent engagement and community pride.
  • Parents can be involved in building sets, props, costumes, helping with rehearsals or helping on performance day. Find out more

“I could almost burst with pride in our students. They gave their best! We have lots of responses from the kids. All round it was a very positive experience. One saying that it was the best 14 minutes of her life!”

What does Wakakirri cost?

  • If a school decides to create their Wakakirri Story Dance then student fees are Primary Schools $20 per student. Secondary schools $30 per student.
  • Additional costs depend on what your school decides to spend on props and costumes and transport to the venue. By watching the Wakakirri video tutorials you can learn how to keep these costs to a minimum.
  • If a school opts for a Best Start Program, costs start at $3 per student (50 students) per week for a 10 week program. This includes a Wakakirri specialist coming to your school to run weekly rehearsals and facilitate the creation of your choreography and music soundtrack. They will even escort your school to Show Day.
  • Subsidies on student fees and scholarships are available for schools in disadvantaged communities.
  • Parents and School Community can buy tickets to watch the show. Tickets cost $34 – $40.


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