Wakakirri Donation Program

If your child has performed on stage and you appreciate the benefits such an experience can give them, then please support our program. All donations directly support student participation for schools in disadvantaged communities.

Small amounts make a difference – larger amounts change our world.

Contributions foster the storytelling we all cherish, support the students we believe in, and make you a part of the Wakakirri story.

Wakakirri is a registered charity and all donations made online are tax deductible. 

Donations will be used to;

  • Cover participation fees for students from disadvantaged communities
  • Provide schools from disadvantaged communities with scholarships and training for teachers


“The Wakakirri experience provides Kingswood High students and staff with opportunities for growth mentally, academically and economically,” says teacher Danielle Remaili, who coordinates Wakakirri at the school.

She said that Kingswood would struggle to participate in the performing arts without the funding from Wakakirri:
“I have seen a decrease in families willing to place their students in extracurricular activities because they couldn’t get together the funds. Parents and guardians are eager to see their children excel in these opportunities, however the financial strain most families experience acts as the hindrance.”

Read more in Education Today, Story-Dance is arts pathway for low SES schools.

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