Costs – Secondary Challenge

 What does the Wakakirri Secondary School Challenge cost?

  • Wakakirri Secondary Challenge costs $30 per student.  This includes rehearsal and performance on show day at a Professional Theatre, participation certificates and a free video copy of their performance (a link to view their individual school performance from Performance night on any smartphone, tablet or via a web connected TV)
  • Parents and School Community can buy tickets to watch the show. Tickets cost $34 – $40
  • If a school decides to do Wakakirri themselves then costs will depend on what the school decides to spend on props and costumes and transport to the venue. By watching the Wakakirri video tutorials you can learn how to keep these costs to a minimum.
  • If your school decides to use a Wakakirri Artist In Residence Program, costs are $100 per student for the Secondary Challenge for a 12 Week Program. This includes a Wakakirri specialist coming to your school and facilitating the creation of your Story Dance. They will even escort your school to Show Day.  Click here for more information on the AIR program