Wakakirri Vocational Program

Secondary students participating in Wakakirri can now earn a vocational qualification (Victoria ONLY).

Planning, designing, choreographing and rehearsing a Wakakirri Story-Dance is a lot of hard work! Students can now double their reward for this work and earn a vocational qualification at the same time.

In partnership with Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance and Registered Training Organisation; Australian Institute of Education and Training (AIET) we are delighted to announce the continuation of our vocational education program in 2020.

Here we encourage secondary school Wakakirri participants to complete national units of competency whilst actively engaging in the Wakakirri Story-Dance Challenge. These national units of competency can contribute and be credit transferred into national qualifications including certificates in Dance, VCE VET Dance, Assistant in Dance Teaching, Creative Industries, Live Production and Services, Community Dance Theatre and Events and Marketing and Media.

Students must be in year 9, 10, 11 or 12 (15 years and over) to participate in this program. For new enrolments in this program the units delivered in 2020 consist of:

BSBWOR203 Work Effectively With Others


CUAPRF201 Prepare for Performances

Students progressing into their second year of studies in this program will complete the following units:

CUADAN201 Develop Basic Dance Techniques


CUAWHS101 Follow Safe Dance Practices

Students wishing to undertake the Wakakirri Vocational program must actively participate in the following events:

         Wakakirri Careers Day 2020

         An extensive rehearsal period at school

         Dress rehearsal and performance of their story in a theatre environment

         Complete one written assignment per unit of competency  

Students’ practical and written assessments will be assessed by registered trainers and assessors from Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance.

Enrolments for this program will take place at the 2020 Wakakirri Careers Day.


Ms Toni Callander, Teacher, Traralgon College:
“I recommend this initiative [Certificate II in Dance with Wakakirri] to any secondary school considering this an option for their students in 2019. For students to be rewarded with an academic recognition such as this is also an incentive for students to take on more leadership roles within their Wakakirri productions.”

Cost & Registration

This is a pilot program, therefore there is NO cost for participating students in 2020.  Available in Victoria only at this stage.

To enrol or for more information, please contact Wakakirri HQ at [email protected] or 02 9669 3777.

Australian Institute of Education and Training  RTO 121314