Wakakirri TV 2013 PRIMARY RESULTS!

Presenting the 21st Wakakirri Story Dance National Award Show

For the past 12 months Wakakirri has been SEARCHING FOR THE BEST STORY created by an Australian Primary School. With more than 200 schools, 14,000 students performing in live venues across the nation, the search has been on! The National Panel have viewed and deliberated and it has come down to just 15 schools….who will be crowned Story of the Year?


The Creative Arts Results episode is here! Bigger, brighter and shinier than ever.

Be sure to take the phone off the hook, sign out of Facebook and give the dog a bone because for the next 13 minutes you won’t want to be disturbed.

Tune is as Nathan and Demi-Rose take audience through a whirlwind of exciting announcements and results for the 2013  Story Art, Story Film, Story Writing and Story Signing categories. who will take home 1st, 2nd and 3rd…. There is only one way to find out, so what are you waiting for? Watch the Creative Arts Results episode now wakakirrians.