Justine Clarke joins Wakakirri

Wakakirri Story Dance are thrilled to announce the appointment of Justine Clarke to the Wakakirri National Search Panel for 2016.

Justine says, “This year I’ll be leading the Wakakirri National Search Panel with my friends Andrew McFarlane, Todd McKenney, James Elmer and Alex Papps. Together we’ll be searching for the most inspirational Story Dance.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what stories you’ve got to tell.”

Register for the Primary, Secondary and Screen Challenges here.

2015 Signature Item Chicken!

 The 2015 signature item is…..CHICKEN!

Each Year Wakakirri has a different Signature Item.  Schools are encouraged to incorporate this item into their Wakakirri entry in a creative way.  Please note that this is not compulsory and it will not effect your judging if you do not incorporate the Signature Item.  Although it is always fun for people to spot it! There is even an award for the most creative use of the item.  Click here for more information on the history of the Wakakirri Signature item.

New to Wakakirri?

Welcome to Wakakirri!

angeHaving been a Music & Performing Arts Teacher, involved in Wakakirri and a State Coordinator and now as the National Coordinator,  I am committed and passionate about Wakakirri.

As a new school you may have lots of questions, which is great because we have lots of answers! The first thing you should do is give me a call or send me an email.  You can ask me (or head office) anything…anytime.  The more prepared you are the better your Wakakirri experience and Show Day will be. As National Coordinator for Wakakirri, I can guide you through the starting process, rehearsal ideas, planning and presenting of your successful Story Dance item.

Here are a few things you should do first, particularly as a First Time Wakakirrian. (more…)