On Claire and Gregory’s Farm: Best Raising Awareness Story

Saint Gregory's Primary School Wakakirri

Winner of the Best Raising Awareness Story for the ACT region, On Claire and Gregory’s Farm, by St Gregory’s Primary School, has gained the awareness of the RSPCA, Voiceless, and The Queanbeyan Age.

RSPCA Australia wrote on their Facebook page:

This incredible group of year five students from Saint Gregory’s Primary School (in Queanbeyan NSW) took their efforts to help Aussie hens to new heights recently when they won the 2015 Wakakirri story dance award for Best Raising Awareness Story. Their piece was aimed at encouraging shoppers in their hometown not to buy cage eggs. From hens across Australia a HUGE congratulations to this talented troupe and THANK YOU for helping raise awareness about the importance of always buying cage-free eggs.

RSPCA and Wakakirri

Voiceless tweeted:

Voiceless tweet about Wakakirri

The Queanbeyan Age wrote:

AWARD-winning primary school students who took on the animal rights issue of free range versus caged eggs are disappointed by local consumers’ preferences.

The Year Five Gold class at Saint Gregory’s Primary School has won the 2015 Wakakirri story dance award for Best Raising Awareness Story.

“We are hoping we will raise awareness in our town and hopefully change at least one person’s mind about what type of eggs they buy,” teacher Kristy Poole said.

Full article can be read here.



Hills News – Northmead Creative and Performing Arts High School’s Win

Northmead Creative and Performing Arts High School Wakakirri
Image Credit: WinkiPoP Media

The Hills News has had its thumb on the Wakakirri post these past weeks. Mid-August Kylie Stevens wrote about Northmead Primary School’s performance. In this new article, she talks about their Best Blockbuster Story Award and also Northmead Creative and Performing Arts High School win of the same award, along with Best Artwork on Sets, Best Impressive Finale, Best Show Stopping Group Dance, and a Story of the Year nomination, in the secondary school category.

Read the full article here.

Hills News – Northmead Primary School’s Performance at Riverside Theatres

Northmead Public School Wakakirri
Image Credit: Geoff Jones

On 19 August Kylie Stevens from Hills News wrote about Northmead Primary School’s upcoming performance (24 August), Epic Tale on a Tiny Scale, at Riverside Theatres in Parramatta. The performance went on to pick up the Best Blockbuster Story Award and they will be performing again on the 16th-17th of September at the Sydney Awards Night. Read full article here.

Inner West Courier on St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School’s Story of Multiculturalism

Eliza Barr from the Inner West Courier writes about St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School’s performance which shares “the many stories of people who came from Europe, Asia, South America and Africa to live in Marrickville and start again”.

St Brigid Catholic School, Wakakirri Performance
Image Credit: Inner West Courier

Full story can be found here: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/inner-west/marrickville-stories-inspire-st-brigids-catholic-primary-school-students-wakakirri-performance/story-fngr8h4f-1227473907263?sv=f24396934a7cf31c7d1c31153b67ba0