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Having trouble affording Wakakirri? We can help

The Wakakirri Donation Program raises funds to help schools in disadvantaged communities to participate in Wakakirri. Any school can apply for funds, they simply need their Principal to complete the below form outlining their request.

Schools can apply for funding each year which can be spent on;

  • Subsidising a Wakakirri Best Start Program
  • Subsidising Wakakirri student participation fees

To apply, schools are asked to complete the form below which asks;

  • Why funding is required?
  • Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA) value.
  • How many students will benefit from participating in Wakakirri?
  • Will the money be used for subsidising a Wakakirri Best Start program or student participation fees?
  • How much ‘in-kind’ support the school will contribute e.g. teachers taking extra rehearsals, forming costume committees etc?
  • What are your school’s long term aims for regular participation in the arts?

Selection Criteria;

  • Schools with an ICSEA of less than 1000 are prioritised.
  • Schools that have never participated in Wakakirri before are prioritised.
  • Applications must be received before funding cycles close.

Funding cycles close;

  • 30 November
  • 1 March

One school spoke to Education Today about how they’ve benefitted from the Wakakirri Donation Program, read more here.

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